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GreenED Privacy Policy

1. Green ED (Pty)Ltd t/a GreenED respects your right to privacy and takes all reasonable percautions to keep your personal details encrypted in secure servers. Credit card and other online payment methods are processed off site by PayFast (Pty)Ltd. No financial details are stored on web servers.

2. GreenED does not reveal, share or sell email addresses.

3. All GreenED sites use cookies to track visits to the website. This is necessary for the function of the GreenED educational systems. If you are unwilling to accept cookies please do not make use of GreenED services.

4. The GreenED Academy is an open learning platform where students and staff communicate, collaborate and share public facilities such as Forums and Classrooms. GreenED users "see" each others' Usernames but no other personal details. When registering with the GreenED Academy please select a Username that does not identify you if you wish to protect your real identity.